Corporate Social
Responsibility Report

The 2020 CSR report

The 2020 Sustainability Report has been written for the first time in compliance with the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard guidelines issued by the “Global Reporting Initiative”. This path marks a step ahead for the Company and in the coming years, also in the light of rapid developments in non-financial reporting, it is going to improve communication with the stakeholders.

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Company size and numbers


Lines of product


Years of activity


Meters of product sold






net revenue

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Our values

Miko operates being aware that respect for social and environmental balances is important to its stakeholders. The Company believes in its core values, described in the Code of Ethics, and promotes a governance committed to sustainability, based on certified management systems and on the organization model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.


Respect for human rights

valorization of work, employment and working conditions

environment protection and efficient use of natural resources

fight against corruption

consumer protection

development of the community

Tax Good Governence.

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Commitment to sustainability

The respect for environment and sustainability is a strategic factor in the organization and development of Miko’s activities. Lorenzo Terraneo, Miko’s CEO, has observed: "To us sustainable development is a systematic approach to growth and management of share capital for our well-being and for that of future generations”.

Since 2013 the Company has had photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of the production plant, able to generate electricity for own consumption up to 25% of energy demand (with an installed power of approximately 1 MW).

Since 2016, production process efficiency has been improved with reduction of energy and water consumption.

During 2020 and 2021 the lighting systems were replaced by led lamps.

The Company obtained the Certificate of the Circular Economy Model that recognizes it has gained an ENGAGED level of circular economy implementation. with reference to the six key principles expressed by the guideline for the evaluation of circularity performance BS8001:2017.

The Company has adopted an approach oriented to Life Cycle Thinking and credible communication of the environmental performance of its products.

Dinamica® Microfiber has obtained the EPD certifications for the Auto Line, for the Nabuk Line, as well as the EPD® process certification.

Collaborators of the company

The achievements reached in the relationships with customers and suppliers, in the management of energy, CO2 emissions, water resources, as well as the ability to produce value added, would not have been reached without the commitment and skills of the Company’s employees.


increase in the number
of employees compared
to the previous fiscal year


on indefinite contracts


training hours provided
in 20200

Frequency index
(no. of injuries per 1 million/hours worked)
for employees


Severity index
(no. of days of injury leave per 1000/hours worked)
for employees


Relationships with customers

Customers require more and more advanced products, in terms of design, functional characteristics and performances, as well as environmental ones. For Miko, this implies to invest in plants, machinery, infrastructures and technology to keep high the innovation capacity.

Research for innovation and high-quality of the product

Proper privacy management

Attention to product’s health and safety

Attention to the communication with customers

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Dinamica®, a product heading to innovation and responsibility

The manufacturing process used by Dinamica® makes it possible to use fewer virgin raw materials since it uses a part of recycled fibres of waste products which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites or incinerated. This enables to reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts associated with these processes.

To ensure circularity of the entire life cycle of the microfibre, Miko is exploring ways of recycling Dinamica®: a project is being developed for the automotive sector, so that at the end of its useful life, Dinamica® can be turned into thermal and sound insulation panels.


Environmental impacts

Miko is aware of the strong link between the business activity and the environmental impacts generated.
A good management of the environmental impacts enables the Company to consolidate its capacity to create value for the customers of the targeted market segments. The company wants to continue to curb and compensate CO2 emissions becoming Climate Positive (contributing to a further emissions reduction in addition to those compensated) by 2030.

78.468 GJ

of energy consumed


water drawn


waste recovered


ton CO2 eq total
of Greenhouse gas emissions

Commitment to offset GHG emissions with the planting of 5,000 trees by investing in the forest management plan of Bosco Sacile.

Initiatives for the community

Miko is a company inserted in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and in particular in the Gorizia area, for this it supports several initiatives at a local level. It sustains many local sports associations, cooperates with some Universities and Schools and takes part in events dedicated to sustainability.