The sustainable challenge:
becoming Climate Positive
by 2030.

Bosco Sacile has obtained the FSC® certification.
August, 8.16.2020

Sustainable development in line with the objectives of the United Nations agenda which also includes the support to FSC®-certified Bosco Sacile.

Miko, the company producing Dinamica® - the first made-in-Italy eco-suede made from recycled plastic and become a luxury product for the automotive – moves with decisive steps along the path to sustainability: it is committed to achieving the Goals of sustainable development established by the 2030 UN Agenda, in particular Objective No. 13 "Fight against climate change".

Miko's environmental commitment in the words of the CEO Lorenzo Terraneo: "We are among the first Italian companies committed to protecting the planet through investments in FSC® certified forests. We have chosen to take care of a forest near our company following the MARC (Measure Avoid Risks Communicate) approach, a path of environmental and social responsibility thought for companies that, like Miko, want to become climate positive. So we first measured our environmental performance using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technology, reduced it and then focused on capturing residual impacts. Taking up the challenge of Climate Positive - continues Terraneo - we take our place among the actors of change towards sustainable development; technology, innovation and pioneering attitude are the ingredients we use. "

The actions taken to fight climate change are also linked to Bosco Sacile in Italy, a project of restoration and preservation of a national forest to capture the CO2, through which the company aims at becoming Climate Positive by 2030. This means to produce 10% of more compensation than the CO2 generated by the organization and by all Dinamica® products in a year. In this way, Miko intends to leave a better world.

Thanks to Miko’s support – without which the project would not have been activated – one of the last ancient forests of the Friuli plain is restored to its ancient splendor through improvement and reforestation interventions that generate positive and measurable social and environmental impacts.

Alongside actions such as forest care and cleaning, and the planting of 5,000 new trees, the forest management plan includes the maintenance of the paths and the reopening of the area to the public, with a view to actively involving the territory and its people.

The project is developed in partnership with Etifor,  the University of Padua’s spin-off that supports companies to enhance the products and services of nature, in charge of managing the works that are proceeding at full speed.

The forest has obtained the FSC® certification, in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards defined by the Forest Stewardship Council®, an international non-profit organization that for 25 years has been committed to promoting responsible forest management.

With these initiatives, Miko is one of the pioneering Italian SMEs of sustainability. Already in 1997, together with the Japanese giant Asahi Kasei, it patented the Dinamica® raw material made from recycled plastic. Further actions, aimed to support sustainable development, have followed, such as quality and environmental certifications (EPD®, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, IAFT 16949, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, “PETA-approved Vegan”) and the CSR Report focused on the issue of all-round sustainability.

The attention to sustainability, the high performances and the refined look of Dinamica® have conquered the automotive world. In particular, prestigious car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, VW Group, Jaguar-Land Rover, Volvo and Chevrolet - to name just a few - choose Dinamica® with a deeper and deeper awareness to cover their new models. To be highlighted, some recent projects developed with Dinamica® interiors, such as the Taycan, the first full-electric car by Porsche, the Mercedes-Benz AVTR concept, and the new Corvette C8 Stingray.