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Life style Monday 7 January 2019

Dinamica® covers Yatay

The sustainable sneaker made with Dinamica®

From the lucky encounter between Dinamica®, the first made in Italy ecological microfibre, and Yatay, an innovative and vegan brand, a sustainable and timeless sneaker has been created, handmade in Italy, with completely ecofriendly materials. Dinamica® and Yatay have a lot in common, like the same eco-sustainable ethic and the same Italian style.

Yatay is a shoe that does not damage the environment and is made through a procedure aimed at reducing the environmental impact. In addition to being versatile and with a refined silhouette, the Yatay sneaker is unique for long-term comfort and safety. Designed for both men and women, it fits comfortably thanks to the excellent quality and the high performance of the lining in Dinamica®.