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Environment Friday 18 January 2019

Sustainability and future goals presented in the “2017-CSR Sustainability Report”

Miko announces its results and confirms its commitment to products with a high ecological content. Suppliers, customers and staff at the center.

Miko presents the first "2017 CSR Sustainability Report" to make stakeholders aware of its commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, as well as to set new goals for the future. A document in which the company announces its results and confirms its commitment mainly focused on products with a high ecological content, on suppliers, customers and above all employees.

The CSR-2017 starts with a Company profile (which includes organization and infrastructures), followed by an in-depth analysis of the Organization and governance, with a focus on compliance with regulations, risk management and relationships with customers and stakeholders. The Social Responsibility section is about loyalty, transparency, consistency, determination and passion, which are the ethical principles that guide production, transmitted by the management to the staff. Miko's commitment to employees is attested by the human resources management policies, centered in particular on training and incentives. Strong also the policies for Corporate welfare (which also deal with health and safety at work) and fundamental the link with the territory and institutions. Speaking of Environmental responsibility, Miko's commitment to environmental protection emerges: the fight against climate change and sustainable development are strategic factors and fundamental to consolidate the leadership in the automotive, furniture and aviation markets. In the Report the attention to Economic responsibility and to future goals is clear: Miko invests significant resources on projects related to environmental sustainability. In addition to the Certifications of the System and the EPD Process, the company is committed to the continuous search for initiatives open to protection and responsible management of the environment.

Lorenzo Terraneo, Miko CEO, stated: "We are witnessing an important growth of our company and we have new interesting projects in the automotive sector, thanks to the fact that with passion we have concentrated our strategic choices towards the creation of products that look to the future, with a high ecological content, starting from recycled materials and from water-based process in the production cycle. Born from this idea in the 90s and developed in partnership with the Japanese company Asahi Kasei together with my father, Dinamica® has slowly conquered the confidence of the automotive worldwide, establishing itself as a key player in the luxury segment."

Go to 2017 CSR Report https://bit.ly/2RzH52H