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Environment Tuesday 25 June 2019

Miko is on track to becoming carbon neutral in 5 years.

"Bosco Sacile": a new project to compensate 100% the CO2.

In line with its commitment in taking care of the environment, Miko has activated a new project of restoration and preservation of a national forest to 100% compensate the CO2 emitted by the organization. In short, Miko takes on its own 100% environmental impact and, in 5 years, is to become carbon neutral.

The project is called Bosco Sacile and is developed in partnership with Etifor, the University of Padua’s spin-off that supports companies to enhance the products and services of nature, i.e. by carrying out forestry projects for CO2 compensation. For Miko, the 100% compensation is carried out through reforestation and forest improvement interventions that guarantee the capture and conservation of 5,600 tCO2 / year (those produced in one year by the company) and generate positive and measurable social and environmental impacts.

Bosco Sacile (located in Carlino, near Udine, Italy) is one of the last ancient forests that preserves the native species of the Friuli plain (it is a Special Protection Area belonging to the Natura 2000 network for the protection of biodiversity). In the past the area has been damaged and now the aim is to bring the forest back to its original natural level. According to a specific plan, alongside improvement and reforestation interventions - including forest cleaning and the planting of 5,000 indigenous oak, hornbeam and other minor species -, with a view to actively involving the territory, the project also includes the reopening of the area to the public with events dedicated to schools and the local population and the maintenance of the routes.

As a guarantee of the quality of management, the forest is following a path to obtain the FSC® certification (Forest Stewardship Council®, the independent and third-party standard of the most rigorous and recognized sustainable forest management in the world).

With this innovative initiative, Miko is one of the pioneering Italian SMEs of sustainability. Already in 1997, together with the Japanese giant Asahi Kasei, it patented the Dinamica® raw material made from recycled plastic. Miko was then one of the first Italian companies particularly sensitive to environmental protection and still today is engaged in the search for initiatives that can increase the measures of responsible management of the environment. In addition to maintaining the System certifications and the EPD Process, Miko has created the CSR Report centered on the issue of all-round sustainability.

Lorenzo Terraneo, Miko CEO, has observed: “The environment issue has always been close to our heart, just think of Dinamica®, developed with the intention of recycling PET plastic, or our water production cycle, which is not only skin friendly (it uses only non-toxic dyes and is antimicrobial and breathable) but also of the planet (reduces CO2 emissions while maintaining the technical characteristics and the quality of the product). ". Terraneo also underlined that the positive implications of this path touched different levels: "We invest in a project to upgrade a forest of the territory because it generates positive impacts on the environment and because it contributes to the construction of a culture of sustainability involving institutions, schools and other subjects in forest reconstruction. This commitment taken together with Etifor - continues Terraneo - places us at the center of a culture that is aware of a shared sustainability in the territory. Certificates will be issued to offset the CO2 emissions generated by the Miko factory in Gorizia.

Etifor guarantees that forests and territories are managed responsibly. "At Etifor we are committed to transforming the woods of the national territory into new green lungs that will improve life and the environment by mitigating the effects of climate change. - commented Lucio Brotto of Etifor - In doing so we motivate employees and local communities, in compliance with the best international sustainability standards. Furthermore, to increase participation and protection of the area, we offer citizens the possibility of adopting up to 1,000 trees to be planted through WOWnature, our online platform that allows citizens to support this type of project in their own territory.