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Environment Thursday 11 February 2021

Behind the numbers.
What happened in 2020?

Nature needs love more than ever!
  • "We are well aware that climate change is an important issue, since its consequences will affect our planet and everyone living on it. ​It is no coincidence that our greatest promise is to become Climate Positive by 2030." says Lorenzo Terraneo, MIKO CEO.

Also in 2020, considerable steps towards sustainable development and production were taken. Thanks to the company's commitment to R&D, technological innovation and sustainable progress, remarkable results have been reached, as follows:


576 tons of CO2 were avoided into the atmosphere thanks to the photovoltaic plant.


5,600 tons of CO2 were compensated with the Bosco Sacile project.


For the automotive sector, 477 tons of recycled polyester - equivalent to 44 million plastic bottles – were recycled and trasformed into Dinamica® microsuede.


2.8 million meters of Dinamica® were sold in the Covid-year. Dinamica® continues to expand its business in automotive.

  • Over 5,000 trees were planted and the forest was certified with FSC®.
  • Now, Dinamica® by Miko is heading to becoming Climate Positive by 2030.