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Design Monday 15 April 2019

To Yatay the Land Rover and BORN Award for Italy

At Milan Design week 2019

Umberto De Marco receives the Land Rover and BORN Award for Italy, in the Fashion and Accessories category, for his brand of vegan sneakers Yatay. The jury recognized the Italian designer as an "emerging talent to follow in the search for a more sustainable world".

The objective of the prestigious award, in its ninth edition, is to identify visionaries and encourage connections and dialogues between designers of the old and new generations. In supporting the BORN Awards, Land Rover believes that exceptional creators of beautiful products can help change the world we live in.

Yatay has already activated a significant collaboration with Dinamica®: by virtue of its ecosustainable ethic and its excellent qualities, the microfibre has been chosen as inner lining that guarantees a long-term comfort to the sneakers.