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Design Wednesday 12 December 2018

Dinamica® and Matteo Cibic present: Electric Dream!

A new collection of suede and music for the car of the future

The contamination between the eco-chic soul of Dinamica® - refined ecological microfiber - and the creativity of the designer Matteo Cibic, has given life to a collection of suede and music called Electric Dream, intended to inspire with new technologies and colors the design of the future car interior. (electricdream.dinamicamiko.com

Electric Dream is a collection of colors, technologies, and musical instruments that produce and modulate the sound according to their position in space and are designed to be used in cars. Each instrument has unique acoustic and modulation properties. Using gyroscopes, proximity sensors, and magnetic inks, the musician establishes a relationship with the instruments and the sound can be played from the car’s speakers. The collection starts from a simple consideration: in the near future, cars will drive themselves and we will be simple passengers. So, if we are not driving, what else can we do?

Electric Dream wants to show a way of interaction and entertainment between human beings and cars that goes beyond a simple driving. “The choice of a collection that uses music and musical instruments has been driven by the desire to connect people to their vehicles using their senses and talents. – has declared the designer, who launches a new challenge - ...what if in the future cars will be smart enough, they will serve healthy food to the driver?”

Benedetta Terraneo, Miko Marketing Manager, added: "We started from the idea of ​​approaching the world of creativity to propose a different collection, that speaks the language of the future and matches the concept of cars that will come. The creative figure of Matteo Cibic seemed perfect and Electric Dream is the project born from this encounter. "

All Dinamica® samples included in this collection were inspired by elements that are typical of solar panels, electrical circuit, and wire transmissions.


Matteo Cibic is an Italian creative designer. In the past 15 years Matteo Cibic and his team have developed products and creative ideas for international companies, private collectors and cultural institutions.
Inspiration of the collection: "Once you did not sleep in your car. There was a different conception of transport from today. It was thought to be more comfortable to sleep in bed at home or in a hotel at night, spending days in long transfers sitting in the car looking at another car in the queue, to get to airports or railway stations using unnecessarily fossil energy with very high CO2 emissions. In some films of the time it is evident that it was a problem "finding parking" (the cars were in fact used only a few hours a day for short trips to residential areas, because every citizen had one and had to take an exam to have the license to use it, and did not like to share his car with other people, often finding himself queuing in the same place).

It is quite recent the idea of ​​"digital seamless home" and the possibility to change transport devices always feeling at home. Our grandparents would never have thought we could go to the Opera in Paris, have dinner until late at night and after sleeping 7 hours in a comfortable bed, wake up in Milan for breakfast. With the evolution of transport systems and the accentuation of a more nomadic lifestyle (the "chamber music" with its cumbersome and not very interactive instruments became obsolete and impractical) the musical instruments market has evolved to create emotional experiences even in these new hybrid spaces between augmented reality and movement. "