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Design Tuesday 2 August 2016

Projects with a Textile and Design University in Germany

The best students' proposals are conceived in Dinamica®

Germany - Young creative students of Transportation Interior Design Department at Reutlingen University have spiced up their flexible high-tech concepts with significant Dinamica® samples.

Impressed by the high-level performance of the refined ecosuede they were introduced to during the course, design students have chosen to use this excellence of made-in-Italy to make their projects unique.

Among the projects presented, to be mentioned is the outstanding and professional proposal by Mr. Janis Ufheil "Mr. Morph" - a hi-tech deformable cushion thought for commuters and families, colored and soft, to be used everyday - and the creative idea by Yvonne Riester "Simple Balance". They are both made of Dinamica®.

Ronald Ihrig, Professor at Reutlingen University, observed: "The flexibility and stretch factor of Dinamica® with its user friendly surface makes it the perfect material for non-static-form products we will see more and more in the future. With technical fibres and smart textiles pillows, seat covers and other interior components will change their shapes individually for different customers and purposes."