The eco-suede for people who respect
the world in which they live.



Its production process is similar to that used for paper recycling, in which no harmful chemical substances are used. The recycled polyester contained in Dinamica® derives from polyester fibres (T-shirts, fibres, etc.) and PET (bottles, plastic, etc.). Recycling polyester means reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80% compared to the traditional petrol-based polyester production process.

Under the microscope, Dinamica® is composed of three layers: face, inner scrim and backing.

Submerged in a water solution, the inner scrim attracts small polyester fibres, which are suspended in the liquid, to both surfaces; these are compacted using a water-based needle punching process. The microfibre is then immersed in a water polyurethane bath, which, in contrast to normal production cycles, does not contain the solvents that are harmful to health and the environment. This process compacts the fibres, making them elastic and resistant. The use of neutral, non-toxic dyes and recycled polyester is a further guarantee of the natural approach adopted.

Eco-sustainability as well as the lowest levels of polluting emissions and energy consumption are guaranteed throughout the whole production cycle.

Dinamica® is designed for easy disposal, and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

As evidence of Miko’s commitment to the environment, Miko won the Italian Environmental Business Award 2011 as Best Product of the Year, while in July 2013 the company was awarded as National Champion for Italy in the 2013/14 European Business Awards and selected by the jury to run for The Millicom Award for Environmental & Corporate Sustainability category in 2014.

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