A natural

We believe in nature, and we respect it.
We have chosen to produce Dinamica®,
the first and only microfibre that guarantees eco-sustainability along its whole
production cycle.
Dinamica® is the ecological suede made from recycled polyster that ensures a low level of polluting emissions and energy consumption during production.
Recycling polyester means reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 80% compared to the traditional petrol-based polyester production process. 

EPD® - Environmental Product Declaration

Over the years, Miko has been constantly and actively committed to respecting the environment and the sustainability, both in carrying out its production and in taking its strategic choices.

For this reason, since the year 2010, it has followed an approach towards Life Cycle Thinking and credible communication of its products against greenwashing.

The environmental performance of Dinamica® Auto has been assessed using the Life Cycle Assessment analysis (LCA) from cradle to gate in conformity with the ISO 14040 standards.
The first LCA studies on the product Auto got started in 2010, with the intention of communicating and making public the information about the product environmental profile, through an EPD® certified declaration.

In July 2012, Dinamica® Auto and Dinamica® Auto Pure obtained the EPD® certification. This step has laid the basis of a bigger project that was completed in 2013 with the EPD® Process Certification. Nowadays, an environmental team is dedicated on collecting the environmental data of a wide range of Dinamica® products with the scope to independently release new EPD®s for all sectors of application.