A choice of excellence

We are passionate about excellence.
The values we trust characterize our product
in all its parts, from concept to substance, through appearance and performance.

Top-quality performance

We grant advanced technology, with high technological content, throughout the entire manufacturing process. Quality raw materials, constant investment in R&D, and continuous development of our manufacturing systems ensure a product with unique aesthetic characteristics and highest performance values.

Exclusive softness and comfort

You should feel the excellent touch of Dinamica®. Pure and sensual, but also anallergic and breathable. The outstanding care taken in the eco-technological process used to produce the microfibers provides unique sensations. Dinamica® is the perfect product for many applications.

Extraordinary resistance

Dinamica® is tear-resistant also at the seamline, thanks to its three-layer structure. It can be used for any type of upholstery without additional backing. Dinamica® is resistant to abrasion, keeps its constant quality over time, and is free from pilling effect.  In specific productions, it is guaranteed antistatic and fire-retardant in conformity with the most stringent standards.


Splendid colors

Time passes but colors remain. Dinamica® covers all degrees of the color scale. All bright, sun-light resistant and not fading with time. The secret? It's the advanced technology of the production cycle. With the possibility to personalize all colors, Dinamica® is able to fulfill any taste!

Naturally ecofriendly and certified

The absolute power of WATER. Over all. Dinamica® uses an exclusive water-based production process, similar to that used for paper recycling, in which no harmful chemical substances are used. To respect the health and the environment. Water is more powerful than solvents!

Luxury appearance

Dinamica® is the best alternative to leather or in combination with it in terms of elegant look, soft touch and natural comfort. Not only does its appearance make it suitable for sport and dynamic packages, but also for more classic interiors.

Dinamica® is easy to wash and can be cleaned directly in place.