Miko’s long proactive attitude towards the environmental preservation, quality and safety is highly certified.


PETA - People for Ethical Treatment of Animals

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the world's largest organization that defends animal rights through important initiatives.

In 2020 Dinamica® received the "PETA-approved Vegan" certification, attributed by PETA to companies that undertake not to use raw materials of animal origin in the making of their products.

The "PETA-approved Vegan" logo therefore becomes a recognition for companies guided by strong ethical values.

Dinamica® is the first and only microfiber that guarantees environmental sustainability throughout the production cycle.


EPD® - Environmental Product Declaration

Since the year 2010, Miko has followed an approach towards Life Cycle Thinking and credible communication of its products against greenwashing. The environmental performance of Dinamica® Auto has been assessed using the Life Cycle Assessment analysis (LCA) from cradle to gate in conformity with the ISO 14040 standards.

The first LCA studies on the product Auto got started in 2010, with the intention of  communicating  and making public the information about the product environmental profile, through an  EPD® certified declaration.

In July 2012, Dinamica® Auto and Dinamica® Auto Pure obtained the EPD® certification, the most advanced Environmental Product Declaration for products in accordance with ISO 14025 standards.


This certification has laid the basis for a big project completed in June 2013 with the EPD® Process Certification. This will give Miko the possibility to internally handle the management of EPD® data involved in the verification procedure by itself and issue new EPDs for registration

To date, the certified range of products has been expanded also including Dinamica Auto Stretch, Wide, and Nabuck, completing the list of Miko's suede for automotive.

Read the EPD of Dinamica® Auto Line for the automotive sector.

Read the EPD of Dinamica® Nabuk Line for the automotive sector.

For more information visit www.environdec.com



Quality SYSTEM


IATF 16949 certification
Quality Management System for the automotive sector

UNI EN ISO 14001 certification
Environmental Management System

UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
Quality Management System


Miko's Quality Policy is available by writing to info@dinamicamiko.it


The Board of Directors of MIKO Srl, during the meeting of 26th July 2013, formally adopted the Organisation and Management Model (MOM), pursuant to Legislative Decree no 231/01 (Administrative liability of legal persons), together with the relevant Code of Ethics (download below) and Conduct.
This fundamental Document is geared towards ensuring fairness and transparency when conducting business and corporate activities, in order to protect the Company’s position and image, together with the expectations of its stakeholders.
The Company has appointed a professional, autonomous and independent Supervisory Board (S. B.) in a collegial form, and has entrusted this task to two figures outside the company: Mr Gianni Caputo and Mr Gianfranco Bettio.
The entire General Part of the Organization Model (download below) and the related Code of Ethics are available on this website.
Every employee or stakeholder of MIKO S.r.l is required to act upon any breach of the MOM (also alleged), through a report to the chain of command and/or to the Supervisory Board, by using the following address:


Reporting Parties in good faith are protected from any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalty. In any case the identity of the individual will remain confidential except for legal obligations and protecting the rights of the Company or of persons accused wrongly or in bad faith.